Easy Schedule?!

People are talking about the easy schedule the Dodgers have from here on out, especially when compared to the Arizona Diamondbacks.  I do not know where they get this from. Well, I do know.  It’s because the Dodgers do not play another above-.500 team the rest of the season.  It is because 12 of their remaining 19 games are against the two teams at the bottom of the NL West standings and four of the other seven games are against the last place Pirates. 

Dodger fans should know better than this.  The remaining schedule is far from easy.  Why do I say this?  Because most of their remaining games are against the Padres and the Giants.  So, what’s the problem?  The problem is that the Padres have never been an easy team for the Dodgers to beat.  They have been a constant thorn in the Dodgers’ side for as long as they have been around.  The Padres can always be counted on to give the Dodgers a hard time. 

And the Giants? The Giants would love nothing more than to eliminate the Dodgers.  There are two goals for a Dodger or Giant team: win the division or prevent the other team from doing so.  The Dodgers and Giants are .500 teams when they play each other. The Dodgers cannot count on marching into San Francisco at the end of the season expecting success or expect to roll over the Giants at home. 

The Padres and Giants have been nothing but trouble for the Dodgers over the years.  The Dodgers also travel to Coors Field where they were swept last September by a Rockies team that was behind them in the standings and considered to be out of the race. 

The Pirates?  Okay, that one should be easy….as long as they keep in mind what happened to them in Washington a couple weeks ago.

The Dodgers will have their hands full the next few weeks and I hope the team realizes this.  Nothing can be taken for granted.  The Dodgers have the team to win the division but things will not be easy.


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